Jacky Hyams is a journalist and non-fiction author who has written several books on a wide range of topics, many focusing on Jacky’s enduring passion for 20th Century history.

Prolific and topical, Jacky’s output includes best selling memoirs of London’s East End, personal histories of World War 2 and the story of the courageous work of Britain’s female Spitfire pilots. In conjunction with the Imperial War Museum, Jacky has also written a fascinating compendium of Spitfire histories as well as the incredible story of the ‘Secret Army’ of the Home Front’s munitions women.

Jacky’s background as a feature writer and editor for many leading titles in the UK and Australia gives her work a uniquely refreshing take on past events, bringing history to life in an engagingly compelling manner.

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m enjoying reading Bombsites and Lollipops. You can thank Amazon (for all their sins) for bringing your book to my attention.

  2. Just finished reading White Boots and Miniskirts. Very interesting book. Interested in Great Britain and British history….am a writer myself that wrote Three O Clock @ Hyde Park, took some writers workshop classes at U of Wales. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

  3. Loved Bombsites and Lollipops and looking forward to starting White Boots and Miniskirts next. Brilliant descriptive story of 50s life in the East End, couldn’t put it down.

    • Thanks Vivien. So pleased you enjoyed it. There’s another one, HOOP SKIRTS & PONY TAILS, which is about being a teenager in the late 50s. I think you’d enjoy it!

  4. Hi Jacky, I am reading Bombsites and Lollipops and loving it. You might be interested in this book by a new north east based writer:

  5. I’ve read Bombsites & Lollipops, White Boots & Miniskirts and just finished Hoop skirts & Pony Tails. All are beautifully written and addictive from beginning to end, so much so that I now want to know what happens next after you went to Australia. Are there any plans for another follow on book in your very interesting life? The 50’s and 60’s were very much my era as a young person/teenager. Thank you for rekindling memories of my own from this era.

  6. Hi jacky read chapter 1 ofhooped skirts afternorman jacobs prefabs it struck a chord for me asthere was a secret in myfamily which inever new til iwas 55(now63) you helped put it into perspective hope to enjoy the rest as much

  7. did the bomb girls ever get recognition from the government? I really feel that they drew the short straw, Such dangerous work, Wish there was some way of getting their war effort recognised.

    Yours Wendy Symons

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