Jacky Hyams is a journalist and non-fiction author who has written several books on a wide range of topics, many focusing on Jacky’s enduring passion for 20th Century history.

Prolific and topical, Jacky’s output includes best selling memoirs of London’s East End, personal histories of World War 2 and the story of the courageous work of Britain’s female Spitfire pilots. In conjunction with the Imperial War Museum, Jacky has also written a fascinating compendium of Spitfire histories as well as the incredible story of the ‘Secret Army’ of the Home Front’s munitions women.

Jacky’s background as a feature writer and editor for many leading titles in the UK and Australia gives her work a uniquely refreshing take on past events, bringing history to life in an engagingly compelling manner.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. May I please feature a few paragraphs about Tilly Shilling, her Spitfire invention and the fact she had a Triumph Dolomite Sprint, in our club magazine “Dolly Mixture”, distributed to members of the Triumph Dolomite Club. Thanks, Steve Waldenberg, Editor (based in Leeds)

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